by Shaneeza Wraich

Pins prick,
droplets of blood are hidden in its corners.
Grab, fold, yank, loosen,
over, around, and under my chin.
Bound around my head.
Securing our beauty, it holds.

It is long, short, and just right.
Goldilocks would surely consent.
It is soft, smooth, silky, and rough.
It is a rainbow—a multitude of choices.
It is pressed and hung.
To be found and worn with poise.

A barrier between the land of the living and the dead.
Protection against the eyes of evil.
Offence to those who despise difference.
Offering warmth in the face of a brisk wind.
A signal that calls for support.
A symbol of strength.

SHANEEZA WRAICH is an English and Professional Writing major aspiring to be a literary editor. Passionate about narratives exploring neurodivergence and identity, she aims to enhance her skills in reading, writing, and editing within PWSA and contribute to York’s writing community. Her vibrant personality shines through her poetry.