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Dunja Dudarin

Dunja Dudarin is a fourth-year Professional Writing student who aspires to become a better reader, writer, and editor through her time at Inventio and at York University. She enjoys being part of the writing community at York, and hopes to see this community continue to grow.

Jessica Lappin

Assistant Editor-in-Chief
Jessica Lappin is a third-year Professional Writing student at York University. She hopes to support student writers with their work, while growing as an editor in a collaborative environment. She is also currently the Senior Editor for non-fiction at Existere. Aside from reading and writing, she enjoys creating hyper-realism art in her spare time.

Yun Hsu

Senior Editor, Fiction
Yun Hsu is currently a fourth-year student in the English & Professional Writing program at York University.

Rebecca Wallace

Senior Editor, Non-Fiction
Rebecca Wallace is a third-year English and Professional writing student at York University. Being an avid bookworm, she has always had a great appreciation for books and aspires to become an editor in the children’s publishing field. When she’s not studying, she enjoys writing, playing badminton, and building DIY projects.

Shelby Gray

Senior Editor, Poetry
Shelby Gray is an English & Professional Writing student who lives with her two children and two cats. Ever since she could read, she has had a love for it. She is most content when she is spending time in nature.

Anam Kadri

Junior Editor, Fiction
Anam Kadri is in her fourth year of the English and Professional Writing program. She has a knack for design, enjoys writing creative non-fiction, and likes analyzing media. You will find her engaged in making digital art in her spare time or reading children’s story books to her little brother.

Carmela Pacis

Junior Editor, Non-Fiction
Carmela Pacis is an English and Professional Writing student at York University. She believes in the power of storytelling and makes it her mission to write stories that celebrates individuality. Aside from reading and writing, Carmela enjoys watching horror films, building mechanical keyboards and biking with her brother.

Ayyub Hussain

Junior Editor, Poetry
Ayyub Hussain is a second-year criminology student at York University. He aspires to be a professional writer one day. In Ayyub’s spare time, he loves scrolling on the Internet, writing poems, producing music and spending time with his loved ones.

Shanel Chan

Junior Editor, Fiction
Shanel Chan is a fourth-year student at York University currently pursuing a double major in English and Psychology. She hopes to gain editing experience through Inventio while considering a career in Publishing. She enjoys reading fiction novels and watching TV shows in her spare time.

Evan Quaggin

Junior Editor, Non-Fiction
Evan Quaggin is in his third year in the English and Professional Writing program at York. He spends his free time reading, writing and listening to sports podcasts while going for walks downtown. He is looking to get involved in the writing community at York, and find a way to use the writing skills he has gained over the past two years.

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