Issue 3.1 Spring 2024

Everything within the universe exists in relation to everything else.

In Inventio‘s largest issue yet, our submissions focus on humans’ complex relationships with themselves, people, and the world around them—We are not as isolated as we think we are.

Issue 2.3 Fall 2023

Life is a series of choices falling into and out of our graspa powerful collection of possibilities. The pieces in this issue grapple with the choices that define our lives and remind us that the ability to choose is a privilege that may not extend to death and beyond.

Issue 2.2 Summer 2023

What does it mean to be human? Is it defined by our imminent mortality? Our ability to feel deeply and think curiously? Or is it rooted in the connections we form (and sever) with the world, people, and things around us? Our submissions shed light on these complicated questions.

Issue 2.1 Spring 2023

What is memory? It is found through our intimacy with the everyday objects we come to know and hold dear. Memories are found through the actions we take to re-create and forbid them. We find memories within the people, places, and things that are no longer there. Our submissions remind us of finding the meaning in the minutiae.

Issue 1.2 Fall 2022

Love is a universal feeling commonly associated with happiness, bliss, and overwhelming optimism; however, in reality it is far more complex. This issue of Inventio explores the darker sides of love and seeks to challenge our preconceived notions by daring to ask, is love always a positive emotion? 

Issue 1.1 Spring 2022

It seems fitting that this issue of Inventio shares similar themes of reflection with the PWSA’s symposium topic of Metanoia, which encourages seizing the potential for transformation within experiences of regret. There is much to reflect on in this issue: oneself, one’s relationship with others, and—because we are professional writing students—one’s relationship with words.