Iyarkai (nature)

Yalini Sothy

by Yalini Sothy

Skin the colour of freshly rained soil.
Eyes reflect veiled vehemence.
Roots search for magma,
for his lava,
to their fusion.
Black night is his hair,
stars his freckles.
The bright sun, the heat of his gaze,
the burnt anger he carries in his grace.
She is gone.
Lotus eyes he searches for,
crescent smiles he dreams;
charred skin, healed by marigold, he yearns to touch.
Oceans she bore,
permafrost she became.
Her aura was resplendent with glimmering waves.
Along the horizon, they meet,
when the force of his heat is at its peak.
She, with her cool, timid streak,
endures the magnitude of this burden.
Along the pebbles of their shore,
he lingers, searching the ripples
for a glimpse of her hair.
Regret is eternal.
Love transcends.
Molten he gave,
mist they created.
Forgotten she became
when she disappeared into the depths
he created.

YALINI SOTHY likes to write but often struggles with writer’s block. She has way too many story ideas and hopes to publish at least one book. Aside from writing, she likes to read and draw. Her favourite genres include historical and mythical fiction.