by Shaneeza Wraich

Ink is to me like a horse’s footprints;
leaving splattered stains on skin,
where, if you examine the obsidian tint,
see its mane flowing—follow the stallion.
Tread along its paths,
wonder what its steps narrate.
Hopefully, the aftermath
reveals to us our wild fate.
We may be unable to count the distance;
All these miles, feet, and inches—
yet it validates the existence
and minds of those beyond ancient.
Prancing, leaping, dashing at every turn,
evading capture until it decides to adjourn.

SHANEEZA WRAICH is an English and Professional Writing major aspiring to be a literary editor. Passionate about narratives exploring neurodivergence and identity, she aims to enhance her skills in reading, writing, and editing within PWSA and contribute to York’s writing community. Her vibrant personality shines through her poetry.