Nature’s Way

by Shaneeza Wraich

the cowardly moth
flies a w a y from the bright light.
heaven does not call.

bare arms brush against
pointy pine tree, as it sways,
bloody droplets fall.



today, old leaves fall—
it will be the young ones turn
tomorrow, anew;

dandelion seeds:
one breath, flying to gifting
wishes; new ones born,

lOOking for lover—
cicadas come out. Hello!
buzzing high & low.

totally tangled,
tiny tomatoes grow tired;
twigs twitching tensely.

love, like the dead leaves,
will eventually fall, fade,
and wither a w a y…

lascivious lad
lands, lOOking for a lady—
bug blushingly laughs.

rain rues gravity
and runs races, r e p e l l i n g
rushing relatives.

s h o o t s across the sky—
who will be its next target?
wonder which wish wins!

SHANEEZA WRAICH is an English and Professional Writing major aspiring to be a literary editor. Passionate about narratives exploring neurodivergence and identity, she aims to enhance her skills in reading, writing, and editing within the PWSA and contribute to York’s writing community. Her vibrant personality shines through her poetry.