An Uncollected Collection

An Uncollected Collection, Alice Torrance

by Alice Torrance

Caught between fight and flight—
her work? Abandoned at her post.
I used to be scared of my nightlight,
but now I’m afraid of my ghost.

I strive to be independent,
yet I depend on my phone.
Messages with resentment
leave me feeling alone.

Executive dysfunction—
my tasks are left undone.
My mind? An interruption
of thoughts I can’t outrun.

How do others cope,
while I try not to drown?
Is there any kind of hope,
when fog will always be around?

ALICE TORRANCE is a student who transferred to York University this January. Although she is in the faculty of Health (majoring in Psychology), she spends much of her free time making music, crafting stories, doodling, and exploring art.