The boy’s mother finished her meal and went about 

her motherly duties, pitting dates for what the boy 

hoped would be date-filled cookies.

“dad said not to make too much noise,”

whispered the boy.

She whispered back that it won’t be too much, then

proceeded to playfully pretend-drum the empty

plastic jar of chocolate-coated raisins.

They both giggled silently.

“This    must    be     love,”       pondered the boy.                                    

“to  be  bothered   more

  by noise for the person

  asleep  than  they   are

  by  the  noise.  And   to

  know  just  how   much

  would    bother    them.”


MAHMOODULHASAN BHAIYAT is studying Kinesiology at York University. He loves exploring nature by going on hikes and collecting intriguing organic objects like mushrooms, driftwood, and animal skulls. He also enjoys growing fruits, flowers, and herbs and expressing himself through art mediums like photography and writing.

You can read more of his poetry at