Punk Girls Don’t Live Forever

She’s a bottle rocket, shaken never stirred

Up until the sunrise, attitude undeterred


And if the radio don’t play her song

She won’t have to sing along


Nevertheless I know

I’ll never have to try


It’s not my song you want to sing

It’s not my words you need to know


Nevermind the highs and the lows

Or goodbyes and I’ll-never-knows


All the melodies she holds

And all the miles she has to show


Left unspoken, understood, in the moment never heard 

It would never change a thing inside


And if the words don’t come to life

Blame the poets who never tried


No matter how much I try

I’ll never see past those eyes


Maybe the words will never flow 

They always seem to come and go


Curse the lines I never should have wrote 

Or the ones I’ll never know


The key I never wanted, locked inside the heart I never stole 

Where I know I’ll never reach


Behind glistening gates of gold

Where the dust will never settle


With these answers that I seek 

And the feelings that I lack 


The love that never takes what it gives back

I wonder if she’ll notice these words


From a voice that only sings sad songs 

Nevermind these days, they won’t always be the same


And a week from now when I’m out of town, lost in the sounds of today

When the silence that I loved to hate won’t even show its face


Farewell to that love of mine

I hope she won’t mind that I didn’t stay

YUWAI BRIAN WONG is a third year student in the Professional Writing program. Recently, he worked as an archaeological field technician performing assessments all across southern Ontario. In his spare time, Yuwai practices and writes music with his friends. This poem was also recorded as a song.

This is Punk Girls Don’t Live Forever performed by Tyler Shim